With the cold, snowy winters experienced throughout many parts of the United States and Canada there are many different problems that develop as a result. While there are many beautiful days during this time of year there are also many times when the weather brings an onslaught of ice, sleet, snow, freezing rain, and all of the other wonderful types of winter precipitation. This type of precipitation can be problematic for everyone from homeowners to those tasked with keeping our highways clear of snow and ice. Thankfully there are a number of different products that can be used to help with clearing walkways and roadways of snow and ice. While in the past it was common to see sand spread on roads and walks, this has been replaced with deicer and snow melting solutions. The traditional rock salt product is an effective ice melter but it only works at certain temperatures and can cause severe damage to many types of surfaces. In recent years there has been advances made in this area, with the result being a calcium chloride pellet deicer and snow melt product. The most common calcium chloride deicer is called Peladow.

This product has the capability to melt ice in the lowest of temperatures and numerous times has been proven to work at temperatures of twenty five degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. Also, there have been several different tests comparing the effectiveness of Peladow vs. rock salt and the results show that Peladow is far superior. Peladow ice melter works 7 times faster than rock salt, when tested at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. There are a few different reasons why calcium chloride pellet products like Peladow are superior to rock salt and in order to see why you must first understand how these products work.

With rock salt products the melting action requires contact with a liquid to start working, and of course at temperatures far below freezing this is a challenge. Peladow works much better than rock salt because it attracts moisture from its surroundings and it also gives off heat during the transformation into a liquid (brine) solution. Not only does the liquid (brine) deicer melt the snow or ice, but the heat given off during this chemical reaction is why Peladow works up to 7 times faster than rock salt. Since this works much faster than rock salt you are also able to use far less product to melt any given area.

Another key benefit of using Peladow ice melting products is the fact that it is less harmful to surfaces such as cement, brick pavers, and other types of walkway surfaces. Along with causing far less damage to these surfaces the calcium chloride pellet products cause less damage to vegetation, shrubs, and plant life bordering walkways and driveways. There is also less of an impact on vegetation and shrubs because when using a product such as Peladow you can use less material, when compared to rock salt.

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