Ice Melt

Ice melt is an important consideration for any property owner. Even in the warmer states, ice can accumulate quickly during winter storms making stairs, sidewalks, entryways and driveways dangerous. Having a quality ice melt product on hand at all times can save property owners of homes and businesses the worry of passers by being in danger due to ice and snow accumulations.

There are a number of Ice melt products that will help prevent accumulation of ice as well as melt the ice and snow once it has already fallen. Ice melt products work differently from each other so it is important to choose a product that works best for the needs at your home or business.

Some Ice melt products work well down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Other products are less harmful to steel, plant life and the environment. Some Ice melt products are safer to use around pets and small children. Ice melt mixtures are available that contain sand or another additive to aid in traction to prevent slips and slides that can lead to nasty falls on the ice.

Ice melt
products can be ordered online or purchased at most home improvement centers. High quality products will be safer, more effective and can be delivered to you. Ice melt products can be used on stairways, sidewalks, driveways and other areas where people and pets will be walking. They are safe to use on wood decks, and many Ice melt products are safe for concrete sidewalks and patios.

Ice melt
is primarily a consideration in the colder climates of the northern states. Ice melt products are readily available at most any retail store, but can be purchased more economically when bought from an online retailer that specializes in Ice melt products. Buying in bulk can reduce the expense of such products when they are used frequently.

Home owners' insurance and liability insurance for businesses are negatively affected each time someone makes a claim due to slipping and falling on an ice covered walking surface. Lawsuits often result from poor maintenance of entry ways and exits at businesses and retail stores. Using an effective product before an ice storm hits and again after ice has accumulated on walking surfaces will reduce the liability of your business and your insurance provider. This will in turn help you keep your liability insurance premium rates low and reduce the liability of your company in a lawsuit.

Home owner's insurance rates can also be driven up by slip and fall injury claims. Using a good de-ice product can keep your family and visitors safe from accident and keep your premiums at a minimum.

Read all product information and warnings on the package before using Ice melt products. Make sure you apply the Ice melt properly to minimize damage to the surface of the sidewalk or driveway. Try to minimize exposure of plants to Ice melt products. Do not allow pets to lick Ice melt products. Always attend children carefully in snow and ice to prevent falling, slipping, injury or ingestion of Ice melt products.