Halite Rock Salt

Halite rock salt is commonly used as an ice melt product to keep walking and driving surfaces free of ice during the winter. It is the mineral form of sodium chloride. Halite rock salt is often harvested from the water, such as sea water. It is readily available in nature, and therefore an affordable means for melting ice in residential, commercial and city sidewalks, streets and other areas.

Halite rock salt
is very effective at melting ice that has accumulated on steps, walks, driveways and other areas around the home. Decks and patios can be made safer during the winter by using halite rock salt where people and pets will be walking. Businesses use halite rock salt to make doorways and loading docks safer for customers and employees to enter, exit and work.

Cities commonly use halite rock salt to de-ice roads, sidewalks and entrances to city buildings. This allows a safe commute to work and school when schools and businesses would otherwise have to shut down for the day. halite rock salt does not have to be used to remove all the ice. It is effective to begin the thawing process and make other methods of removal easier.

Halite rock salt needs to be used sparingly around trees, grass and other decorative plants. It can also speed the process of corrosion on many metals, including steel. If concrete is not properly mixed, halite rock salt can also damage sidewalks and other concrete surfaces. Damage to concrete structures is often blamed on de-icing agents, but much of the problem is the repeated process of freezing and thawing that naturally occurs during the winter months.

Since freezing and thawing multiple times can be damaging to concrete surfaces, it is best to reserve the use of de-icing products to when it is necessary for safe travel. This will prevent undue wear and tear to the concrete. Rock salt and other de-icing agents can sometimes form a milky, white film on cars, trucks and other vehicles. When the weather warms, it is best to wash it off to prevent unnecessary corrosion.

Rock salt can also be mixed with clay or sand. This helps provide traction in addition to thawing the ice. Better traction helps you walk on an icy surface or pull the car out of an icy driveway without having an accident. The department of motor vehicles usually maintains icy streets, so it is best to limit your use of de-icing products to your own property.

Always use care when using de-icing products around pets and children. Some products have inherent health hazards and should not be taken internally. Overuse of these products can also kill native plant life and seep into the water supply. Though not overly toxic, these de-icing products should be used in moderation for environmental purposes.

Always read package labels and warnings before using de-icing products such as halite rock salt. Use and store according to the manufacturer's instructions for the best shelf-life and safe use of the product.