With winters seemingly getting progressively colder, ice and snow is becoming an increasingly influential problem across some regions of the United States. Not only can icy ground lead to embarrassing falls and untimely road closures that prevent you from going about your daily business, such conditions can also be potentially dangerous. Thousands of vehicle accidents every year unfold as a result of adverse weather conditions, with ice build-up acting as the most common cause of this. Fortunately, there's an all-new product emerging onto the scene to help you with your deicing needs: Combotherm. Based around a new formula that melts both snow and ice faster than any rival product currently on the market, it's something that's well worth taking a look at.

The theory behind Combotherm may be complex, but it can actually be simplified and explained very easily. The innovative deicing mixture contains high percentages of calcium, potassium and sodium chloride - all of which are salts that generate heat as they dissolve in water to aid the melting process of ice and snow. It's the high percentage of calcium chloride which gives Combotherm an edge over its market competitors, and with an impressive 70% of this versatile chemical stocked up in every solution, it's unrivaled in so many respects.

The product is normally sold in the form of small chips - making it quick and easy to apply under normal circumstances. Handily, half of the chips in one pack contain a green colorant which dissolves to become brine as the Combotherm works its magic. As a result, you can keep tabs on the speed of melting as you go along, as well as using the coloring as an indication of how much deicer you have applied in order to avoid wasting any.

There are of course safety precautions associated with Combotherm, but these are nothing too complicated or unusual and are the types of measures you'd expect to come hand-in-hand with any chemical-based product. If you're only using this unique deicer briefly, basic body-covering garments are the only thing you need to stock up on before you buy. However, depending on the specific application you plan to carry out, it may also be advisable to wear other protective equipment - including gloves and an apron. Facial protection should always be worn regardless of the task in hand - just to be on the safe side.

These exciting chips are relatively easy to get hold of and come in 50IB bags. Readily available from specialist online retailers such as CBW Supply, they are particularly useful for maintenance professionals or property managers who need to be certain that icy conditions won't lead to injuries or dangers to their employees. Combotherm is also a great product for anyone with a large area of icy or snowy land to clear, no matter what area of expertise they work in.

The enhanced performance offered by this product means it's head and shoulders above anything else out there at this moment in time, so don't hesitate in visiting for further information on what exactly it has to offer.